Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Team Phillips / Wagner Accepted in NYC Marathon

Got this in from my great friend Cliff Phillips. Cliff and I have been a great team in the past. Now we’re teaming up for a different cause. If you can help us that we would appreciate it. your support will go for a great cause.

Team Phillips / Wagner Accepted in NYC Marathon

March 25th is just around the corner for the ING Georgia Marathon/Half Marathon.

Ok, first things first. I spoke with Scott Wagner yesterday and he's doing great. The chemo is going good and hopefully he'll be done by the summer. Any of you that know my history with Scott know that he and I have been known as a pretty good team at times in the past, now we just have a different cause. Please continue to pray for Scott, Lori, Josh, and Austin. If the cancer isn't enough reason a wedding this year is. Stay strong Scott, because of this God will keep using you in ways you've never imagined.

Second! I'm pleased to announce that we have been officially accepted to run as a proud member of the Livestrong Army in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation in The New York City Marathon in November. I say we because this is, has been, and will continue to be a team effort. You may have noticed that my financial goal significantly increased this week due to the good news. For those of you that have already contributed, I would ask that you please send the link from this page on to at least 5 other people that have an interest in helping us to fight cancer.

It's been absolutely amazing to see friends, current and former co-workers, and family all come together over this cause since we started it just about a month and a half ago. I almost cried this week, I'm getting more sensitive in my old age, when I saw a donation from a long time friend from the music industry who made a donation in honor of his mother and Scott. Many of us remember that time and I feel blessed that we have an outlet to help us fight this terrible disease.


Okay, since I've last updated, I arrived back from Mexico with a severe high ankle sprain inflicted by a nice Argentinian masseuse named Ramon that stretched the ligaments in my ankle a little to far during a sport massage after my long run in Cancun. I'm sure the flight back the next day didn't help much either. It certainly has thrown a wrench into my training over the last week but I was able to crank out my 11 mile run last Saturday. I'm continuing to ice it daily and it's coming along ok. It's probably at about 70% but I'm hoping to be closer to 90% by the time I line up for the race. I wish we were running tomorrow. I feel ready, except for the ankle, and March 25 can't get here fast enough. One upside is that I've been able to drop the extra 3 pounds that I've been fighting to get off. I'm now at 185. My perfect weight. No more weight and no less weight.

Next week's update should be fun. I hope to be covering the very important topic of what's on my IPOD for the race.

Stay tuned!!!

Fins Up and Livestrong!!!!

Cliff Phillips

Follow This Link <> to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Lance Armstrong Foundation

-- Scott

We can only LIVESTRONG if we’re GODSTRONG.

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